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OR - Fax 1-888-884-7766 when ready to place an Order.

>> All Orders will be Confirmed <<

PLEASE  NOTE: Email "SPAM" is an ongoing issue and concern for all businesses.
We have implemented measures in our Front Office to address this specific issue.
If you send us an Email, and that Email is erroneously marked as "SPAM",
it is automatically deleted, and unfortunately we won't ever see it.
If we do not respond to your email - fax (or call) us.
Faxing is still a viable, *secure* way to place an order.

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*Art can be Emailed to "Email" Link above*

New Artwork that can't be Emailed?
You can always Snail-Mail to:
PO BOX 9518
BREA CA 92822-9518

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We require artwork in one of two ways:

If Digital, you will need to provide a Completely "Vector" image to us.
Adobe� Illustrator file (.AI...any version).
CorelDraw� file (.CDR...any version).
We can also use a "True" .EPS ("Vector" .EPS).
We might also be able to use a "Vector" file converted to a Adobe� PDF.
But it must be converted as a "Vector" image.

You can also provide your artwork in a "Camera-Ready" format.

The artwork MUST be on a true, slick Camera-Ready stock.
The copy must be clean and smooth. You can mail the Camera-Ready to us (see above).

Redraw Logo:
We can redraw most logos if needed. Fax us a copy of the logo, and ask us to quote the redraw.
Most logo's can be redrawn for a nominal fee, plus we will email you the redrawn logo in five digital file formats so that you may use the logo for other purposes.
Please email the Art Department with any questions concerning artwork.

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If you're ordering checks, we will need you to fax over two copies of the current check that you are using.
The first copy needs to a regular size copy. The second copy needs to be an enlarged copy (as large as you can get it on an 8 1/2  x 11 piece of paper).

New Bank Account/New Bank:
If you have a new bank or bank account, have your bank completely fill out a "MICR" (pronounced "MICKER") Specification Sheet or a "Code Line" Specification Sheet and fax it directly to us.
Please make sure that your bank COMPLETELY fills out the form. The "Routing Number" and your account number needs to be completely filled into the appropriate spaces.
Call us if you need us to talk to your bank for you. Also, if you have a temporary check, make two copies (see above) of that check, and fax it with the Specification Sheet.

Terms and Conditions:
If you need to have Terms and Conditions (Backer) on the back of any form, you will either need to send us a "Hard Copy", email the file, or supply it on disk.
If you need us to do it for you, call us for a quote.

Almost everything else can be handled over the fax, or email. We try and make it as simple as possible, hopefully, you agree.